Study Guide

Silence Chapter 3

By Shusaku Endo

Chapter 3

  • The rainy season has begun, which should make it easier for the priests to evade the authorities. The only problem is that it also makes it a lot harder for them to leave their tiny hut.
  • In the meantime, Rodrigues decides to write about the villagers he's met so far. There's Mokichi, whom we've already met, but there's also Ichizo, an old man with a single facial expression (angry), and Ichizo's kind-hearted sister Omasu.
  • "After three days of incessant falling," the rain finally stops (3.28). The priests take the opportunity to stroll about the mountain, straying further out with each passing rainless day.
  • One night, as the priests walk about, they hear a voice—someone's watching them. Although the priests manage to escape, the local villagers decide to build a secret hideout in the floor of their hut, just in case.
  • Five nights later, the priests are woken by the sound of someone opening the door of the hut. They silently crawl into their hideout as their visitors creep inside.
  • These interlopers don't seem hostile, however—they just keep on saying "Padre" over and over again (3.46). They must be Christians.
  • Rodrigues leaps out and greets their guests. These men are from Goto Island: they travelled five days to the mountain after Kichijiro told them the priests were here.
  • As it turns out, Kichijiro had been a Christian. He must've renounced the faith after his family and friends were tortured, causing the shame he carries with him to this day.
  • After consulting with the villagers, Rodrigues decides to visit the island, while Garrpe remains behind. He departs in the dead of night.
  • Everyone seems to be Christian here, and they don't even try to hide it. Amazingly, Kichijiro is treated like "the hero of the village" for bringing a priest to their shore (3.80).
  • Rodrigues returns to Tomogi to receive some shocking news—the village is being raided. Rodrigues rushes to his hut to hide out with Garrpe.

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