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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 2, Lines 691 - 842

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Part 2, Lines 691 - 842

  • The narrator tells us about how crummy Gawain's trip is – he's lonely, hungry, and can't find good places to spend the night.
  • Gawain travels to North Wales and into the wilderness of Wyrale.
  • As he travels, he asks everyone he meets if they have ever heard of the Green Knight of the Green Chapel, but no one has.
  • He continues his trip, passing through many strange lands, and encountering some fierce enemies. Sometimes he battles worms, or wolves, or the wild men who live in the rocky cliffs. He meets with bulls, bears, boars, and ogres that chase him across the high plains.
  • But none of this compares with the miserable freezing winter weather.
  • Basically this trip stinks.
  • By Christmas Eve, Gawain is pretty desperate and prays to Mary and Jesus to guide him to a place where he can hear mass and pray.
  • His prayer seems to work, because he has hardly crossed himself three times before he notices a magnificent castle perched above a field and surrounded by a moat and trees.
  • Gawain thanks Jesus and Saint Julian, then rides up the path toward the castle.
  • As he approaches, Gawain realizes that the castle is an impressive fortress. The bridge that crosses the moat is drawn up, the gates are tightly fastened, and there are garrets all around.
  • He calls out, and soon a pleasant porter arrives and greets the wandering knight.
  • Gawain asks for lodging. The porter says he's welcome to stay as long as he likes.
  • The bridge is let down, and he's allowed in, where he's greeted by a bunch of different people eager to serve him.
  • Gawain is introduced to the lord of the castle, who welcomes him and even hugs him.
  • Things are definitely looking up for our boy Gawain.

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