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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1126 - 1318

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Part 3, Lines 1126 - 1318

  • In the morning, the lord and his men quickly eat their breakfast, attend mass, and then get ready for a day of hunting. They leave before daybreak.
  • The lord and his men bring their hunting trumpets and their hounds and head off into the forest.
  • They seem to be making quite a ruckus, and all the animals are terrified.
  • The deer take off through the woods, but the lord's men and hounds hunt them down. Basically, it sounds like they take down every deer in the forest.
  • The lord couldn't be happier.
  • While the lord is out hunting, Gawain luxuriates in bed, enjoying the silk sheets.
  • While he's dozing, the beautiful lady sneaks in. She creeps quietly to his bed, sitting down gently on it, then waits to see if he'll wake up.
  • Gawain, feeling a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, pretends to be asleep for a bit longer. Finally, he stretches and opens his eyes and acts surprised to see the lady.
  • She's all flirty, making comments about how he can't tell when someone sneaks up on him while he's sleeping, and how she has imprisoned him in his bed.
  • He's flirty back, saying that he surrenders himself to her, but would like to get up and get dressed.
  • She says no. She's going to tuck him into bed again and chat with him all by herself, while her husband and his men are away and while everyone else in the house is in bed. And while the door is locked.
  • Hmm. What's going on here?
  • The lady makes a fuss about Gawain, saying that she has in her house the gallant man that everyone loves and admires, and she wants to make the most of this opportunity.
  • Gawain is all Mr. Modest, and says that he's happy to serve her in any way she wants.
  • She gushes about how Gawain is handsome and kind and courteous (and etc.). She says that if she were the richest and worthiest woman in the world, and if she could choose to have any man in the world, she would choose him.
  • He says that she's chosen a better man (meaning the lord, her husband), but says that he'll be her knight.
  • The narrator tells us that Gawain and the lady flirt like this all morning.
  • Gawain tries to be cautious, but also always polite. Still on his mind, also, is the idea that he has to face the Green Knight in a few short days.
  • When the lady speaks of leaving, Gawain agrees at once.
  • She doesn't leave though, and instead says that she doubts that he's actually Gawain.
  • Gawain wants to know why she doubts him.
  • She answers that Gawain wouldn't have talked with a lady for so long without begging a kiss from her by some hint or suggestion.
  • Gawain says he'll kiss her if she wants him to. She kisses him and then scurries off.
  • Gawain gets dressed, goes to mass, eats, and spends the rest of the day relaxing.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1126 - 1318 Study Group

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