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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1319 - 1411

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Part 3, Lines 1319 - 1411

  • Meanwhile, the lord and his men are still out in the woods. They finish the hunt and start to divide up the deer.
  • We get lots of detailed description of the slaughter of the deer. About guts and gullets and hide and stuff like that. The butchering happens in a very specific, ordered way.
  • They throw some parts out for the ravens, feed the dogs with other deer parts, and the men take the rest.
  • The hunt has been a huge success, and by the time the sun has set, the men are back at the castle.
  • The lord finds Gawain inside, waiting contentedly by a bright, warm fire. The two men greet each other joyfully.
  • The lord asks everyone to assemble downstairs, including the two ladies (the lord's wife and the old lady) and their servants.
  • The lord shows Gawain some of the venison meat he's cut from the deer, and Gawain agrees that it's great quality meat.
  • The lord says that according to their agreement, he'll give all of his venison to Gawain.
  • Gawain says he'll give the lord what he's won today, also according to their agreement. So he kisses the lord, essentially turning over the kiss that the lady had given him earlier that day.
  • The lord wants to know how Gawain won this kiss, but Gawain refuses to tell him, saying that wasn't part of the bargain.
  • The lord and Gawain have a merry old time during dinner, then sit by the fire drinking wine and joking around.
  • They decide to extend their little game, exchanging tomorrow's winnings as well.
  • They seal the deal in front of the whole court with a pledge-drink.
  • Finally, they go to bed.

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