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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1412 - 1560

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Part 3, Lines 1412 - 1560

  • The lord and his men are out of bed early again the next morning. Before the sun rises they're already out in the woods to spend the day hunting.
  • The hunters and the dogs again create a huge ruckus, with the hunters urging the hounds on with shouts and horns, and the dogs barking at some kind of wild animals.
  • The dogs take off and end up at a wooded knoll, which the hunters surround.
  • The hunters find the animal that the dogs have been chasing. It's an enormous boar.
  • The boar charges, knocks down some of the men, and even wounds some of the dogs.
  • The men shoot the boar repeatedly with arrows, but he continues charging.
  • Eventually, the lord rides up and lances the boar. Then the dogs pursue the wounded animal.
  • Meanwhile, Gawain is lying in bed at the castle.
  • Again, the flirty lady comes to his room, and they start to banter.
  • She teases him about how he's already forgotten the lesson she taught him yesterday. She says that a courteous knight should ask for a kiss whenever he sees through her behavior that a lady is willing.
  • Gawain again says that he's at the lady's service and will kiss her whenever she likes.
  • The lady bends down over Gawain and kisses him.
  • Then they talk for a while about the rewards and trials of love. The lady wants Gawain to teach her about the ways of true love. She asks why it is that knights are praised above all of for the practice of love. She says that when the deeds of knights are discussed, everyone always focuses on how they have risked everything for love, suffered dreadful times for their love-longing, and performed acts of valor to bring joy to their ladies with their winnings.
  • The lady goes on to wonder why Gawain, who has a great reputation for love, hasn't yet spoken to her of love. She asks again for him to teach her about love.
  • Gawain says that it would be an honor to teach her, though she's probably more of an expert on love than he is. Still, he promises to do his best.
  • The narrator tells us that Gawain and the lady laugh and kiss and have a good time, but Gawain continues to be cautious, and neither Gawain nor the lady commits any evil.
  • After the lady leaves, Gawain gets up, goes to mass, and eats. The he proceeds to spend the rest of the day with the beautiful lady and the old lady.

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