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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1561 - 1689

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Part 3, Lines 1561 - 1689

  • We're back in the woods and the lord is still chasing the fierce boar.
  • The men continue to surround and shoot the boar with arrows.
  • The boar is growing tired and foaming at the mouth. Still, it manages to make it to a safe hole by a rocky ledge.
  • No one dares to get too close, since the boar has already gored a bunch of men with its tusks.
  • The lord bravely rides up, though, unsheathes his sword.
  • The boar charges the lord, but the lord stabs the boar as deeply as he can, piercing its heart.
  • The hounds pounce and tear at the boar. Then the men start carving up the meat, again in an ordered fashion.
  • The lord and his men return home with the meat, and the lord presents it to Gawain, according to their deal.
  • The lord tells Gawain, the ladies, and the rest of the people in the castle the story of how they took down the boar. Gawain is impressed by the quality of the meat and the immense size of the animal. He's even given the boar's head.
  • Next Gawain offers the lord what he won during the day – another kiss.
  • Everyone sits down to a merry dinner, complete with singing and dancing.
  • The whole time, Gawain sits next to the beautiful lady. She keeps making eyes at him, and it makes him feel confused and angry with himself. But as a courteous knight, he can't rebuke her, so he tries to remain polite, even if his behavior might be misinterpreted.
  • Gawain and the lord spend some time together before going to bed. The lord wants to continue their little game tomorrow too.
  • Gawain, however, is feeling anxious because tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and the next day Gawain will need to go to the Green Chapel.
  • The lord assures Gawain once more that he will get Gawain to the Green Chapel in time. He convinces Gawain to relax again tomorrow while he goes hunting.
  • He says that he's tested Gawain twice already and found him faithful. Might as well continue the game, because the third time is a charm.
  • Gawain agrees, and they both head off to bed.

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