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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 3, Lines 1893 - 1997

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Part 3, Lines 1893 - 1997

  • The lord is still of in the woods, chasing the fox.
  • A hound corners the fox, and the lord swoops the fox up and holds it over his head.
  • Everyone is happy. The men blow their horns and shout; the hounds bark.
  • The hunters skin the fox, and they all head home.
  • The lord meets Gawain, who has been happily hanging out by the fire among the women.
  • Gawain tells the lord that he'll be the first to offer his day's winnings this time. He kisses the lord three times (for the three kisses he received from the beautiful lady).
  • The lord comments that Gawain has had some good luck today, but that he (the lord) has not. All he won was a single ugly fox.
  • Gawain accepts the fox, and they settle down for another evening of food, drink, and merriment. Both Gawain and the lord are ridiculously happy.
  • Finally, it’s time for bed.
  • Gawain politely thanks the lord for all of his hospitality, but reminds the lord of his promise to help him find the Green Chapel tomorrow.
  • The lord assigns a servant to Gawain, who will lead him to the chapel.
  • Gawain says a tearful farewell to the beautiful lady and the old one. He also thanks the crowd and the servants.
  • Finally, Gawain heads to bed. The narrator says that he's not sure if the knight is able to get much sleep, since he has tomorrow's task on his mind.

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