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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 2, Section 19

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Chapter 2, Section 19

  • Lying in that ditch, having just been shot at, Weary shows Billy the knife he carries.
  • The knife's handle has four rings for Weary's fingers to slip through; these brass knuckles have spikes attached to them.
  • Weary asks Billy how he would like to be hit be these spiked brass knuckles.
  • Billy says he would prefer not to.
  • Weary claims that the three-sided shape of the knife blade makes a wound that won't close.
  • Weary says Billy doesn't know anything; what do they teach in college, anyway?
  • Billy says he doesn't know; he was only there for six months, and it was just night school.
  • Weary thinks Billy doesn't understand anything about gore. But Billy does, because on his wall at home hangs a bloodied crucifix with a detailed statue of Christ on it.

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