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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 2, Section 23

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Chapter 2, Section 23

  • Weary's picture of the lady and the pony is actually the first dirty picture in history.
  • Photography was invented in 1839 by Louis J.M. Daguerre (creator of the daguerreotype). Two years later, in 1841, André le Fèvre was arrested in Paris for trying to sell pictures of a woman having sex with a pony.
  • Weary buys his picture in Paris, in the same gardens (the Tuileries) where Le Fèvre was arrested for selling them a hundred years before.
  • Le Fèvre's defense was that there are lots of myths of human women having sex with animals who were gods.
  • Even so, Le Fèvre gets six months in jail. He dies there, of pneumonia. As you might expect: "So it goes" (2.23.4).

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