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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 2, Section 24

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Chapter 2, Section 24

  • Billy and the two scouts are skinny guys.
  • Weary, on the other hand, is so bundled up and protected that he can imagine himself safe at home telling his true war stories.
  • The irony is that Weary is still in the middle of a war as he's imagining his war stories.
  • Here is Weary's war story: he and his anti-tank gunner buddies fight like hell against a big German attack, but everyone is killed except for Weary.
  • Weary falls in with two scouts. The three shake hands all around and call themselves the Three Musketeers.
  • But then this damned college kid comes along who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. So the Three Musketeers have to help the college kid survive against all odds.
  • In real life, Weary is going back to look for Billy.
  • Weary can't hear anything going on around him, though, because he is caught up in his personal fantasy: an officer is congratulating the Three Musketeers and one of the scouts asks the officer to promise that wherever they are stationed next, they will be together.

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