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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 3, Section 25

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Chapter 3, Section 25

  • The colonel yells, "It's me, boys! It's Wild Bob!" (3.25.1).
  • The colonel has always wanted his troops to call him Wild Bob.
  • Wild Bob is so sick that he imagines he is talking to his troops.
  • Weary is actually a member of Wild Bob's regiment, but his feet hurt so much that he pays no attention to Wild Bob's words.
  • Wild Bob tells his (imagined) troops that after the war, they are going to have a reunion in his hometown of Cody, Wyoming.
  • Looking straight at Billy, Wild Bob says, "If you're ever in Cody, Wyoming, just ask for Wild Bob!" (3.25.5).
  • The narrator tells us he has been to Cody.
  • So has his friend, Bernard V. O'Hare.

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