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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 3, Section 4

By Kurt Vonnegut

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Chapter 3, Section 4

  • The boy with the face of an angel helps Billy out of the snow and searches him for weapons.
  • Three shots ring out: the two American scouts who left Billy and Weary behind have just been shot by the Germans.
  • The commander gives the beautiful boy Weary's pistol and his excellent boots. He hands the rest of Weary's gear (including the dirty picture) to the other men in his squad.
  • Weary has to wear the boy's wooden clogs, which make his feet bleed.
  • Weary and Billy are marched to a place where prisoners of war are being held.
  • Billy falls asleep on the shoulder of a captain, who is both a rabbi and a chaplain. The rabbi's hand has been shot.
  • Billy wakes up having traveled through time.
  • He is in the middle of examining a female patient with his optometry machine.
  • He can't remember how old he is or what year it is.
  • The patient asks Billy if he sees anything wrong with her eyes.
  • He says no, she just needs glasses for reading.

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