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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 6, Section 7

By Kurt Vonnegut

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Chapter 6, Section 7

  • As a time-traveler, Billy has seen his own death.
  • He claims that he will die on February 13, 1976.
  • By 1976, Billy claims, the U.S. will have been totally dismantled into 20 smaller countries so that it will not threaten world peace.
  • The night of his death, Billy will speak to a stadium full of people on the subject of aliens and time.
  • He will inform the crowd that he is about to be shot by Paul Lazzaro, but that it's okay because death is not so bad.
  • Billy will tell the police detail trying to protect him that it's time for him to be dead for a while, and then to live again.
  • Suddenly, a bullet will smash through his forehead.
  • Billy will experience death for a time. It is simply a violet light and a hum, with nobody else there.

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