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Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter 9, Section 31

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Chapter 9, Section 31

  • Billy reads the magazine.
  • Of course, he knows that Montana Wildhack is back on Tralfamadore raising their child.
  • The magazine, however, claims that she has drowned in San Pedro Bay.
  • The magazine ran this article because they wanted to use photographs from porn flicks that Montana made when she was a teenager.
  • Seeing his interest, the clerks send Billy back to the rear of the shop, where he can watch a film with Montana Wildhack in it.
  • He goes, but he doesn't really watch—instead, a clerk leads him over to "some really hot stuff they keep under the counter" (9.31.4): a picture of a woman trying to have sex with a Shetland pony between two Greek columns. (Just like Roland Weary's picture in Chapter 2, Section 22.)

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