Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 10

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 10

  • Y.T., like most Kouriers, knows how to get out of handcuffs.
  • Her mom calls while she's gathering her tools, and she says that she's been hanging out with her friend and will get a ride home later. Right.
  • Next, Y.T. calls her boyfriend, Roadkill, to ask him for help springing her out of jail. He's outbound on a high-priority delivery, though, so he can't.
  • So Y.T. calls Hiro, figuring that he owes her a favor. He's not far off, and he instructs her to wait until the manager performs the prescribed half hour check-in; after that, she can make her move, and he'll wait for her. ( does Hiro know so much about jail?)
  • At the half hour mark, the manager comes in and checks on her (clearly still thinking dirty thoughts), but he leaves her alone. Y.T. undoes the handcuffs, finds the basement's emergency exit, and pulls the fire alarm, then she busts out of a window and finds Hiro in the parking lot.
  • Our team is surrounded by jeeks (short for Tadzhikistanis), and they are not happy about Hiro and his swords.
  • A fight breaks out, and Hiro and Y.T. make a dash for an unoccupied taxi. Y.T. drives them, at Hiro's direction, into a franchise of Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong; as they exit the cab, they're identified and welcomed (because Hiro is a citizen).
  • The jeeks? Not so welcome. They're carrying guns into a gun-free nation.