Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 11

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 11

  • (Yep, this chapter goes forward in time again.) Hiro decides to scoot after Da5id's crash. However, one of the Nipponese men stops him and asks about his swords.
  • It's pretty obvious that the guy thinks Hiro isn't worthy of carrying the swords and is itching for a fight, so, you know, they fight (we like to imagine this as though they're tiny plaid ninjas).
  • Hiro is not only a great swordsman, but he also wrote the software for sword duels in the Metaverse, so he cuts off the businessman's legs and beheads his avatar.
  • This essentially boots the businessman from the Metaverse; what he sees on the screen is a list of the top ten swordsmen of all time. Hiro's name is number one on the list.