Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 13

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 13

  • Hiro leaves the scene of the swordfight, noting that the Graveyard Daemons he programmed will take care of the dismembered man's avatar.
  • He logs out of the Metaverse, and sees Vitaly Chernobyl standing over him, telling him that it's time to go. Vitaly and Hiro drive in an old VW Vanagon loaded with band gear, to an abandoned overpass for a concert.
  • Bored during the drive, Hiro jacks back into the Metaverse. He materializes in his home office, and takes out the Babel/Infocalypse card; a new door in Hiro's house opens, and a Librarian daemon walks into his office.
  • Hiro proceeds to pump the Librarian for information on Babel (an ancient legendary city, but also a tower that God supposedly knocked down, causing all humans to speak different languages).
  • Next, Hiro asks for information on L. Bob Rife. Then he looks at the other new program, Earth. It looks like a tiny floating globe and can zoom in to any region of the earth in any level of detail.
  • Hiro plays around with it for a bit before the Librarian shows up with a hypercard on Rife, with a mountain of information on it.