Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 15

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 15

  • Blunt Force Trauma warms up for Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns. Hiro wanders through the crowd, noticing the security guards at work—they're from The Enforcers, an elite group. Seemed like a better idea than hiring security from the Crips, even though it's on their turf.
  • There's a lot of dust in the air, which helps Hiro notice the laser beams around him.
  • This in turn leads him to track the lasers to their source: a gargoyle (which is the slang term for a CIC dude who's decked out in so much equipment as to almost be immobilized).
  • The gargoyle introduces himself as Lagos: the guy who's been working with Juanita.
  • Lagos mumbles everything since he's always pulling up and scanning through tons of data, so talking to him is pretty annoying. However, Hiro learns that there's an infection that's about to take down thousands of hackers.
  • Lagos also warns Hiro not to mess with Raven. We've heard that before. Finally, Lagos tells Hiro that as a hacker, his brain has been modified in certain ways that make him vulnerable to a certain disease or nam-shub spread by Asherah. Cryptic much?
  • After wandering off, Hiro notices a loud sound. It's a motorcycle approaching the concert, and sitting on it is a bulky dude with long hair and with the words "Poor Impulse Control" tattooed on his forehead. He is the same guy Hiro saw outside The Black Sun. Guess who—Raven.
  • Note about the tattoo: Some states dole out quick and dirty punishments when someone transgresses inside their boundaries. Raven must've really angered someone to win that tattoo.
  • Hiro figures out that Lagos is there for something to do with Raven, and that this is part of a bigger plan. He passes this on to Y.T., and goes to keep an eye on Raven.

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