Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 16

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 16

  • It looks like Raven is making a deal with the Crips, or rather, with their boss (the important-looking one). The Crips bring out a kid with a device first—a Geiger counter—and it lights up at Raven's motorcycle.
  • Raven gives a metal briefcase to the Crip, and then drives away.
  • In the meantime, Sushi K shows up, and Hiro personally welcomes him and invites him to take the stage. Because Japanese rap is clearly what all the skateboard punks came to hear.
  • The head of the Enforcers, a guy named Squeaky, then finds Hiro and tells him to come check out something involving the gargoyle.
  • There is a body—Lagos's body—and it was split down the middle by some kind of very sharp blade.