Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 19

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 19

  • Back in time to the concert: After inspecting Lagos's corpse, Hiro concludes that it wasn't done with a sword. He and Squeaky debate the details until Squeaky gets a notification from one of his men: Raven is taking off. And Y.T. is following him.
  • Squeaky and Hiro go after Y.T. and Raven. Apparently Raven was sighted near Chinatown trying to kill the Crip he'd made a deal with, and when they arrive, they see a lot of Crip bodies (big surprise there).
  • They track the fight to a hops field. Raven is shafting people (both Crips and Enforcers) with some kind of spear; Hiro nearly avoids getting hit.
  • In between all the carnage, Hiro manages to talk to enough Crips to find out that their leader—nicknamed T-Bone—decided to go up against Raven because the suitcase they'd bought from him exploded. Hence the fight. T-Bone is dead, though, along with a lot of his men. It seems that messing with Raven is a very bad idea.