Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 2

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 2

  • The Deliverator floors it and takes a shortcut through The Mews at Windsor Heights, a Burbclave. He knows every neighborhood from his delivery work, so this should be easy, right?
  • Wrong. The first problem is that he picks up an unwanted hitchhiker: a Kourier on a skateboard. Using high-tech harpoon technology, the Kourier has latched onto the Deliverator's car and is snagging a ride.
  • Despite his attempts to shake the Kourier, the skateboard-leech stays put. Distracted, the Deliverator forgets the layout of the neighborhood and drives his car into an empty swimming pool. Epic fail.
  • Instead of taking off, the Kourier asks Hiro—no longer the Deliverator, because seriously, he just crashed a delivery car belonging to the Mafia—where the pizza's going.
  • Hiro tells her the destination and hands her his business card (Hiro Protagonist: freelance hacker, greatest sword fighter in the world). The Kourier introduces herself as Y.T. and skates out of the swimming pool toward her destination.
  • As lights turn on in the house with the car in its pool, Hiro has a few seconds to plan his escape before security arrives, and hope like hell that the Mafia won't kill him for this.