Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 20

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 20

  • Hiro finds Y.T. eating Chinese food nearby; apparently she couldn't keep up with Raven and the Crips, which turned out to be a good thing.
  • Squeaky inspects the damaged suitcase, and tells Hiro that T-Bone left it in the car to go out to get a drink at the bar, which caused the suitcase to self-destruct because as its registered owner, T-Bone never should've been far from it.
  • What was inside the suitcase? A drug. Yep, you guessed it: Snow Crash.
  • It turns out that Squeaky had his men trying not to chase down Raven, but to chase down the Crips who were attacking Raven.
  • This confuses Hiro, since he thought Raven was the bad guy. Well, duh, he's a bad guy—but, Squeaky clarifies for them, Raven is not to be messed with because he has a nuke in the sidecar of his motorcycle. The trigger's attuned to his brainwaves. So when he dies, his immediate surroundings get nuked. Serious business.