Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 21

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 21

  • Y.T. is hanging out, trying to make a delivery. She's been offered a stupid-high amount of money for it, weirdly; even stranger, an Oldsmobile comes by exactly when she needs a lift on a stretch of dead highway.
  • She flies past the Mafia roadblock and to her destination. At this particular Nova Sicilia franchise, there are a bunch of Young Mafia members hanging out. They look down on her, but she doesn't care.
  • Uncle Enzo is waiting inside. He kisses her hand and says he's been wanting to meet her—he wanted to thank her personally for delivering that pizza a few weeks ago.
  • They start talking, and Y.T. is swept away by his charisma. She finds herself telling him about her mother, who works for the Feds, and is always on some secret project and constantly being subjected to polygraph tests.
  • He then asks about her Kourier work, and this leads him to draw some parallels to his time serving in Vietnam. He gives her his old dog tags as a souvenir, telling her that if she's ever in trouble, she should display the dog tags, which will change the situation.
  • Uncle Enzo says goodbye to Y.T., and tells her to be good to her mother.