Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 23

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 23

  • Griffith Park is not for the faint of heart—it's full of gangs, and even skaters just looking for a good time avoid certain parts.
  • There's a new gang living there, called the Falabalas because they only ever talk in their own language, which sounds like babbling.
  • Y.T. skates into the Falabala encampment. It looks like a bunch of hippies with some computer nerds mixed in, and a man hands her a suitcase to deliver. Everyone there is creepy, and some are speaking in nonsense syllables.
  • On her way to her destination, Y.T. picks up a ride with the Mafia goon, Jason, who'd given her a lift to see Uncle Enzo. He takes her to an empty mall, where the man with the glass eye is waiting inside the back of a truck.
  • They take her inside and run a bunch of tests on the suitcase. Glass-eye seems annoyed with Y.T.'s constant questions and tells her not to think that she's too important at this stage.