Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 25

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 25

  • Y.T. gets the suitcase back, plus an envelope, then she's on her way to the Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates franchise. She has to wait for the receptionist to see her.
  • So Y.T. pulls out the envelope. Inside are pictures of Uncle Enzo wobbling on a skateboard, with a note saying he'd tried to train for this assignment, but needs more practice; he thanks her for his help and signs it personally.
  • After stifling a smile, Y.T. watches the transaction being processed in front of her. After the supplicant pays, she's admitted through some doors and then she begins speaking in nonsense syllables.
  • Then a man comes out—the reverend for whom the delivery is intended. He yanks the suitcase out of Y.T.'s hands without signing. She follows him into his office to get the signature and sees the reverend open the suitcase, remove a vial, and inhale its contents.