Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 31

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 31

  • Y.T. doesn't normally hang out in Long Beach, but when she does, she stays the hell away from the Sacrifice Zone.
  • What, you might ask, is a Sacrifice Zone? It's a piece of land deemed too dangerous or too expensive to clean up. They're always surrounded by fences, and there are always idiots who sneak inside.
  • Y.T. dons a toxics mask and exits the van to paw through a few piles of drugs at Ng's direction. No dice: all she finds are injections of testosterone (see above: idiots). However, Ng says that steroids and Snow Crash are similar—they both can penetrate and then change cells from the inside.
  • Ng drives Y.T. to a warehouse, gives her some cash, and tells her to buy some Snow Crash and throw it up in the air.