Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 32

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 32

  • The drug dealers in the warehouse do not seem like nice men. Y.T. makes the transaction, throws the vial up in the air, and Ng's mini-chopper snatches it up.
  • This does not make the drug dealers happy, and the appearance of Ng's Rat Things makes them even less happy. In fact, it makes them dismembered or dead.
  • When Y.T. hops back in the van, Ng is happy that they've managed to obtain the only sample of Snow Crash outside the hands of its makers and dealers.
  • Y.T. uses this opportunity to ask Ng about the Rat Things; as she's suspected, they're made from real dogs, pound rescues, which are enhanced with electronic parts. Y.T. thinks that's cruel, but Ng insists that the dogs are better off than they were.
  • In the past, Y.T. and Roadkill rescued a pit bull, named it Fido, and kept it until someone stole it; she wonders whether Fido is now a Rat Thing.
  • Perspective change: Guard Unit #B-782 comes awake, and listens to the other doggies barking about hurting bad men so that a nice girl could get away. #B-782 remembers that once there was a nice girl who loved him. He is happy to hear that she's safe. Implication: #B-782 is Fido.