Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 35

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 35

  • Hiro uses the Earth program to locate the Raft off the coast of Oregon. At the center of the Raft are Rife's cruiser, the Enterprise, and an oil tanker; everything else is smaller boats and ships, a lot of them crudely lashed together and swarming with refugees.
  • Whatever's going on with Rife—and Juanita, now that she's there—Hiro's determined to find out.
  • Time for a Great American Road Trip: Hiro artfully cons a guy at a motorcycle dealership into giving him a state-of-the-art bike that has a Built-In-Operating System (bios), sensor, and all kinds of cool stuff.
  • Hiro suits up—once he figures out how to get his swords over his fancy new motorcycle gear—and heads north.