Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 37

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 37

  • A day in the life of Y.T.'s mom, who works in Fedland: lots of security scanners, arriving early to work, living healthily so as not to drive up others' insurance premiums, keeping workers interchangeable, spending just the right amount of time reading memos so it doesn't look like she's slacking off or skimming them.
  • This morning, for example, Y.T.'s mom must read a memo on toilet paper and resource pooling. She makes sure to read it in enough time to show that she has good management potential; the computer notices how often she scrolls down, of course.
  • Next she starts working on a piece of the Project. She only ever sees tidbits of what it's actually about.
  • Then her supervisor shows up with some guards, telling her it's time for another polygraph test (even though her last one was pretty recent). Sounds fun.