Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 38

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 38

  • In the exam room, Y.T.'s mom settles into the testing chair. She feels something being injected into her arm, which is not normal.
  • Whatever it is has her feeling a little hyper, probably so she'll talk more. The test starts off by asking her name, and then asks a bunch of random questions to calibrate; then it starts asking about her daughter.
  • The questions about Y.T. get more detailed. The house is tapped so they know about the computer-breaking incident, but they ask about it anyway.
  • Then they ask her whether she believed Y.T.'s explanation of the computer virus—that's what they're after. Y.T.'s mom pauses, and realizes that they're going to interpret the pause as her having something to hide.
  • They administer more drugs; things start getting hazy for Y.T.'s mom; the interrogation begins anew.