Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 40

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 40

  • The man behind Hiro is very white and very large. On his forehead are tattooed the words: "Mood Swings" and "Racially Insensitive."
  • He asks Hiro to clarify whether he's a "lazy shiftless watermelon-eating black-ass n*****, or a sneaky little v.d.-infected gook" (40.5), because apparently anything not racist or offensive isn't an option. Half a dozen of the dude's friends show up at the same time.
  • While checking out their weapons (they all have guns), Hiro asks why they don't hang out at the New South Africa franchise nearby.
  • The guy answers: As perfect as it is, there's just one problem—there aren't any non-whites to beat up on. That's all Hiro needs to hear to decide upon a course of action.
  • Hiro decapitates the bigot and makes a run for it. His motorcycle vest is bulletproof, but he still gets bruises and cracked ribs from the fire that follows him.
  • He makes it to his motorcycle, and as expected, there's a chase scene.