Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 41

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 41

  • There is a strange delivery request for Y.T.: Someone wants her to deliver an envelope to the United States of America. This is strange because the mail only works in Fedland; the rest of the world is on its own for deliveries, which is why Kouriers are so popular.
  • The guy asking her to do the delivery is being kind of dodgy, too. Out of curiosity, Y.T. called the Kourier hotline to figure out who initiated the delivery. Some Rife business. Whatever.
  • Entering Fedland is complicated; there're tons of forms to read and sign.
  • The guy at the front is a major pain about her carrying her skateboard in. Y.T. insists, though, and finally he lets her in with it. She has to sign more forms, of course, and then she takes the stairs to the ninth floor where her destination awaits.
  • The whole floor is full of creepy guys in pristine suits. There are four of these men in the office she walks into.
  • The head guy asks if she's Y.T.—which is weird, since Y.T., like most Kouriers doesn't give out her name on assignments—but when she asks how he knew her name, he says he knows her mother.
  • This puts Y.T. on alert, so she utters a nonsense phrase to activate the voice recognition in her coverall.
  • When she hands the Fed the envelope, he slaps a handcuff on her wrist. She's under arrest.
  • She says another keyed-in phrase, and her whole uniform becomes electrified. She shocks the Fed who cuffed her, hits another Fed with the electrified cuff, and makes her escape.
  • The Feds were clearly not prepared for an opponent on a skateboard bearing Liquid Knuckles and other street weapons, and Y.T. knocks them out as they come at her, skates downstairs, and makes it to the lobby.
  • Glass windows? No problem—every good skateboard these days comes equipped with a shock wave projector. The glass shatters and Y.T. skates on through.
  • She's almost out of Fedland when she looks up. There are Feds on the roof of the building she just escaped from, and one is aiming something at her.
  • A shock wave explodes directly in front of Y.T., too close for her to avoid its path.