Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 42

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 42

  • Hiro coasts into Port Sherman, Oregon, chatting up the Librarian as he does so.
  • Topic: Inanna. She was generally a good goddess, though sometimes on rocky terms with Enki. Why? She went to a watery fortress in Eridu and stole all of Enki's me.
  • Juanita was headed to the part of Oregon where she could feasibly hop onto Rife's Raft. Where there is probably information that resembles me. Coincidence?
  • The Librarian mentions another Inanna story: One time, just for kicks, she descended into the underworld; there, Ereshkigal (goddess of death) stripped her of all her finery and me, and she hung Inanna's corpse from a hook.
  • Her buddy Enki had to go bail her out and bring her back to life after three days passed. Hiro realizes that Juanita went to the Raft three days ago. Action time, Shmoopers.
  • Hiro uses Earth to look at Port Sherman up close. There are a lot of boats around, since the Raft is so near; Hiro looks for vessels with Russian names.
  • A little more digging, and he finds a boat that is probably Gurov's, as well as the hotel where Gurov is staying.
  • There's also a vessel flying a flag for Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong. Hiro is a citizen, so maybe he'll have some luck securing a vessel if he finds the franchise's consul.