Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 43

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 43

  • Y.T. wakes up in the back of a van with a huge headache; she's been mummified with tape. The only good thing about this situation is it doesn't look like she's in Fed hands.
  • Two women constantly fuss over her. Someone has removed her shoes and all the gear from her coverall, though they didn't peek underneath, where her dog tags from Uncle Enzo are. And they didn't find her dentata (more on that later).
  • They take her inside a Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates to freshen up, and then back out to the van. The van is packed with people who hold her hands and sing and babble just like the Falabalas; after a while, Y.T. no longer minds this and tries to fit in.
  • They drive and drive for days, until the ground under the van starts to move—they've parked on a boat, and they're heading for the Raft.
  • Y.T. is baffled and complacent when they bring her onto a Russian boat and give her a job cutting fish. Predictably, Y.T. is terrible at cutting fish, so instead they have her ladle out food in a cafeteria.
  • She starts to realize that there's something wrong with the people around her. When she recognizes people from the van ride, they don't seem to recognize her back—their eyes are glassy and vacant.
  • As though they were brainwashed. Exactly like she was brainwashed.
  • Now she's just mad.