Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 44

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 44

  • As Hiro rides into Port Sherman, he's forced to slow down by all the refugees in the streets, which is a good thing because his bike dies mid-ride.
  • The bios is down on his bike; the screen shows nothing but fuzz. Thanks, Asherah.
  • He arrives just in time to watch Gurov trying to evacuate into a helicopter from the top of the hotel roof. But somebody blows up the helicopter. Clearly Hiro is not the only person who has a problem with Gurov and his crimes.
  • If Hiro wants to catch up with Gurov, he needs a boat, so he heads to Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong.
  • Hiro asks the consulate if he can rent their boat, the Kowloon. The consulate makes up every excuse possible not to rent the boat to Hiro until Hiro says his destination is the Raft; since the other people who've already rented the boat are also going to the Raft, Hiro can join them.
  • Hiro gets onto the Kowloon just as things start blowing up dockside. Everyone on the boat belongs to the Mafia. Swell.