Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 47

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 47

  • Now that her head's cleared, Y.T. notices freaky things about the people around her. No one looks her in the eye, and tven the guys don't check her out.
  • Until one day, when she looks up from the serving tub, and sees a guy staring at her with his dark eyes. This guy has a tattoo on his forehead: "Poor Impulse Control." Uh-oh.
  • But Y.T.'s never seen Raven up close, so he's just this intense, kind of sexy dude to her.
  • After a little banter, he suggests that they get out of there; the head babushka starts to object when Y.T. leaves her spot, but when she sees the guy, she backs down.
  • The guy leads her through the Raft, and everywhere they go, people give them space, until they wind up on a very clean part of the Raft.
  • Y.T. finally asks what his name is. He introduces himself as Dmitri Ravinoff. Also known as Raven. Oops.
  • As they hop on and off boats, they chat about various things, like how everyone avoids him because he's an efficient killer.
  • This is a great start to their date.