Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 49

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 49

  • Boats occasionally pass the raft, but they must be thinking there's nothing good to loot since nobody stops.
  • Finally Bruce Lee and his pirates approach—they're supposed to be some dangerous homeboys, and Bruce Lee's vest is rumored to be made of human scalps.
  • Fisheye declares himself the leader of the boat and tries to bargain with Bruce Lee. The trade involves human flesh: Hiro and Eliot have to strip naked so the pirates can inspect them. The weird thing is, a few of the pirates sound like they're babbling.
  • After some haggling, Fisheye decides to make the pirates listen to Reason. Reason, it turns out, is the giant suitcase they've been hauling around, which is also a gun. A very deadly gun.
  • Hiro and his buddies take over one of the pirates' boats. Handily, it comes with its own servant, a Filipino boy who'd been below the deck.
  • The new boat isn't doing so good on gas, so they plan to approach the Raft, fuel up, and grab Y.T.; Hiro also wants to rescue Juanita while they're there.