Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 50

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 50

  • Raven brings Y.T. to a boat with a dining/gambling establishment on it, and while they eat, Raven gives Y.T. a history of how everyone screwed over the Aleuts at some point in history.
  • To Raven, it's personal: His dad was a POW in Japan during WWII, and was blinded during the atomic bomb blast at Nagasaki. His dad got nuked again during an American bomb test.
  • From this, Y.T. surmises that Raven is a mutant. Great.
  • As part of his checkered past, Raven was once a fisherman and an alcoholic. He was stranded at sea, fell ill, and some Orthodox folks took him in and straightened him out.
  • A waiter approaches their table with fright in his eyes. Raven is wanted on the radio. Before leaving, he tells Y.T. to stay put, as though she could find her way to any particular boat in this mess.