Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 52

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 52

  • Y.T. waits and waits. Finally Raven returns. He says he got enough of the job done.
  • He suggests they get out of there and go to the Core, which is off-limits to most Rafters. But we've already figured out that Raven's not like most of the rest of the people on the Raft.
  • As they walk, Y.T. asks what makes Raven different, like why his brain's not all mushy, and he answers that as an Aleut, he's used to surfing his kayak on large waves for transport (Y.T. can relate, since she surfs traffic).
  • All this Raft stuff? It's just a wave Raven is surfing.
  • Y.T. asks what his goals are. Long-term, he'd like to nuke America, but shorter-term, he's been hired to help the head honchos on the Raft make it to shore safely.
  • He decided to spend his last night in a nice rented room with clean sheets, and by this point, the sexual tension between Raven and Y.T. is huge—they barely make it to the room before getting it on.
  • Y.T. is so aroused that she can't remember something important, something she's supposed to do, maybe some birth control thing? Swept up in passion, she orgasms immediately and then goes still. So does Raven.
  • As she lies there, Y.T. dozes briefly. She thinks back to when they were walking over here, and she puts together enough puzzle pieces to determine that Rife is here on the Raft. That's probably something Hiro wants to know.
  • She notices that Raven's still pretty quiet, and—
  • Oh. Oh. That thing she was supposed to remember? That was her dentata. As a defense against rape, it shoots a mix of drugs into whoever penetrates her.
  • Which means Raven will be asleep for at least four hours. And then? Y.T. doesn't necessarily want to find out.