Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 55

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 55

  • Hiro goes into the Metaverse. He needs to find a patch for Reason, since if he simply reboots it, it might crash on him the way it did on Fisheye.
  • So Hiro heads over to Ng Security Industries in the Metaverse, figuring that Ng is the guy to ask.
  • Ng is not surprised to hear that Fisheye bit the dust; apparently Reason didn't have all the kinks worked out yet, but Fisheye didn't listen to Ng's warnings.
  • Uncle Enzo and Mr. Lee join the meeting. Once it's clear that Hiro has figured out most of what's happening in this mess, Uncle Enzo pays him a large chunk of money for the intel, telling him to split it with Y.T.