Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 58

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 58

  • As Hiro exits Ng's place, he finds Y.T. waiting for him in the Metaverse. She is, for the first time in her life, frightened, since she assumes Raven will kill her when he wakes up; when she relays all this to Hiro, he's frightened too.
  • First things first: Hiro's being shot at in the real world. He has to dodge bullets, cut down some wireheads, and so on.
  • He tells Y.T. to get him to his office in the Metaverse, and talks her through driving a virtual motorcycle.
  • When he has a quiet moment amidst all the fighting, Hiro checks in at his office and has the Librarian fetch him the blueprints for Rife's aircraft carrier.
  • Y.T.'s getting nervous about the men who are watching her, but Hiro says things will be fine; surely they'll listen to Reason.