Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 6

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 6

  • Near the exit of the White Columns Burbclave sits a black cop car. It belongs to MetaCops Unlimited, which handles a lot of the security needs of various city-states and corporations.
  • Y.T. is coasting toward the gate, waiting for it to open, but it doesn't; while she's trying to rattle the bars to see what's wrong, the MetaCop leaning against the car shoots something at her: a loogie gun. It immobilizes her hand, sticking it to the gate in a gross mess of rubbery fibers.
  • The second cop gets out of the car, and they start reading her rights (what few there are). Apparently they nabbed her for an investigation being carried out at The Mews, the neighborhood where the delivery car crashed.
  • Y.T. is indignant: The Mews is legally another country, so why are they arresting her here? Turns out the Burbclaves have a treaty that allows MetaCops to carry out justice in any number of places. Which is bad news for Y.T.
  • They toss her in the car, then drive to find a jail. Obviously there aren't any jails in the Burbclaves; just think of what it'd do to the property values. Cue the pearl clutching.
  • Y.T. bribes them to take her to the Hoosegow (a posh jail) instead of the Clink, but unfortunately, it's all booked up.
  • During the drive, the cops obnoxiously try to guess what the initials "Y.T" stand for. She decides not to tell them it just stands for "Yours Truly," since they're too stupid to figure it out for themselves.
  • The Clink is a major bummer. The cops suggest that they confiscate Y.T.'s uniform because of all the gear in it, but Y.T. beats them to the punch by aggressively unzipping her uniform from neck to groin. The manager, who is from Tadzhikistan, freaks out and shields his eyes; Y.T. has successfully established her space.
  • They leave her alone in the dark and handcuff her to a pipe in the basement.