Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 60

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 60

  • Y.T. sits there while Hiro's avatar is motionless (though his face shows whatever his real-world face is showing, so there's a lot of "oh crap" and excitement while he's shooting stuff up).
  • Then her Metaverse session is cut short by the creepy wireheads; they start dragging her somewhere.
  • Y.T. fights back, of course, but they don't even seem to register pain when she hits them. Weird.
  • She sees doctors piling out of a chopper, probably going to pump Raven full of stimulants in order to wake him. Because Raven on drugs sounds like a fabulous idea.
  • The wireheads drag her over to the Enterprise, where there are a lot of guns. There is a helicopter waiting there for her, and she really has no choice but to walk toward it.
  • Rife himself is there, and he talks down to Y.T. smugly. She pulls out Uncle Enzo's dog tags, hoping for some kind of effect, but he just laughs. He knew she was one of Uncle Enzo's favorites; in fact, that's why she's there. She's insurance against them blowing up Rife's chopper.
  • Y.T. meets a few of Rife's associates in the chopper, along with the President of the United States (sadly, no one recognizes him until he introduces himself).
  • Something is sitting on the helicopter's floor: a thickly wrapped package. Looks like clay on the inside. Y.T. asks what it is and someone tells her that it's an ancient artifact.
  • Hiro shows up, bloody and bedraggled. He says he wants the artifact, and he'll fire his gun into the chopper's windshield if they don't give it to him.
  • Rife laughs and says no he won't, because they have Y.T.
  • Ashamed that she messed up and got captured, Y.T. makes an attempt to escape, but is pulled back into the helicopter. They start taking off.
  • She does, however, manage to shove the package out of the helicopter.