Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 65

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 65

  • Y.T. listens to Rife b****ing about how their communication channels are being jammed. Rife wants to go to LAX so they can take his jet to Houston.
  • They reach land, and touch down in a parking lot so Rife can use the payphone to order his plane to be ready.
  • Y.T. makes another escape attempt, and actually gets somewhere with it—she starts climbing the parking lot fence, but then Rife pulls her down.
  • There's a Kourier in the parking lot, and Y.T. shouts that she's also a Kourier and has been kidnapped by these psychos.
  • After Rife tosses her back into the chopper, the Kourier reaches for his personal phone and calls in a Code.
  • Nearby, a couple thousand Kouriers are watching Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns play a show. Suddenly there are a ton of red glowing lights as all the Kouriers' phones show a Code: Some poor Kourier needs help stat.
  • Perspective shift: Rat Thing #B-782 (Fido) comes away in a Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong franchise near Phoenix. It hears the other doggies barking about a bad man chasing a nice girl; Fido loves the nice girl, and he wants to protect her more than anything else.
  • The fence is very high, but Fido jumps over it, and runs faster and faster toward the nice girl, breaking the sound barrier (and a lot of glass) as he goes.