Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 67

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 67

  • Y.T. feels the poons start to hit the chopper's belly and latch on to the steel. The pilot starts to pull higher. She jumps out of the chopper.
  • While she's dangling there, hanging onto the door, Rife tells the pilot to go lower, since if Y.T. dies she's no good as a hostage.
  • That's when Y.T. jumps for real. Her suit inflates to protect her from the fall, though it still hurts when she hits the ground.
  • More Kouriers show up, and the weight of all their harpoons and bodies keeps the chopper grounded. Rife's security guy, Tony, threatens them with an Uzi, and they back off; the Code's been finished, anyway, since Y.T. is free.
  • Tony advances on Y.T. to recapture her. She picks up someone's poon, makes a Moby Dick reference (she'd read the book for school, and dug it), and shoots it into the helicopter's rotors. The unbreakable cable messes up the helicopter beyond belief.
  • Rife steals a pizza delivery car to take to LAX, and Y.T. sees the other chopper, with Raven in it, leave. She gives Raven the finger, hopefully ending the relationship, and then Y.T. finds a phone to call her mom for a ride.