Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 68

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 68

  • Hiro and Raven duel on their motorcycles, just like jousters, but Raven still makes it to the amphitheater before Hiro can stop him.
  • The assembled hackers in the amphitheater think that Hiro (who they all know or know of) has put together some awesome motorcycle stunt for Da5id's benefit show.
  • Raven deposits the bomb, which begins to open. They fight some more, and Hiro decapitates Raven's avatar; the crowd goes wild.
  • Hiro opens SnowScan, that piece of software he wrote while on the escape raft.
  • The light show from the egg-shaped bomb is amazing. It finishes with projections of four women carrying scrolls, scrolls so large that they block out the sky.
  • The scrolls open. They contain a phrase that Hiro wrote, telling the audience that if this were a virus, they'd be dead by now. Since the Metaverse is so dangerous, everyone should work on their security, and hey, they can call Hiro Protagonist Security Associates for a free initial consultation.