Study Guide

Snow Crash Chapter 71

By Neal Stephenson

Chapter 71

  • Rife is boarding his jet, ready to return to get out of there before the rest of the Mafia and Mr. Lee and all them arrive.
  • Something catches his eye, something traveling so fast that it leaves explosions and shock waves in its wake.
  • Rife hurries onto the jet, which starts to take off. The Rat Thing, Fido, is too fast, though, and it jams its snout up the tailpipe of one of the engines.
  • Y.T. sees the explosion—it's pretty awesome—and she also watches the Mafia soldiers and medics running through the area. A pizza delivery car leaves, with Mafia cars in pursuit.
  • Then Y.T. skates to the United terminal, where she'd told her mom to pick her up. Her mom asks if Y.T. wants to go home, and Y.T. says yeah, that's about right.