Study Guide

The Snowy Day Summary

By Ezra Jack Keats

The Snowy Day Summary

Get ready for a day of pure bliss, folks. That's right: it's a snow day.

When Peter wakes up, he looks out his window to discover that it has snowed. Snow covers everything as far as he can see, so after breakfast he puts on his snowsuit and heads out to explore. Peter spends time crunching through the snow, making tracks, watching a snowball fight, exploring his neighborhood, and playing in the snow. At the end of the day, he tells his mother about his adventures. Then he has a hot bath, goes to sleep, and wakes up the next day ready to have more fun in the snow—this time with a friend.

…yep, that's the whole thing. What'd you expect? It's a picture book, after all.

  • Story

    • Peter wakes up and looks out the window, discovering that it snowed during the night.
    • He puts on his red snowsuit (with the pointy hood) and runs outside to explore.
    • Along the street, Peter finds snowbanks piled high.
    • He crunches through the snow, pointing his feet out and then in to make interesting tracks.
    • Peter drags his feet to make long tracks, and then he finds a stick to make a third track next to the two left by his dragging feet.
    • Peter smacks a tree covered in snow and a bunch of snow falls on his head.
    • He continues to explore and finds himself caught in the middle of a snowball fight.
    • Peter thinks it would be fun to join the older boys in their snowball fight someday, but not quite yet.
    • He makes a snowman and a couple of snow angels and then pretends to be a mountain climber as he goes up a great big hill of snow.
    • Peter slides down the other side of the snow mountain and heads home.
    • Outside the door to his building, he packs some snow into a snowball and puts it in his pocket.
    • Inside, Peter tells his mother about his day while she helps him out of his wet clothes.
    • Peter takes a bath, and thinks about his day.
    • On his way to bed, Peter checks for the snowball in his coat pocket, but it's gone, which makes Peter sad.
    • At night, Peter dreams that the sun has melted all the snow, but when he wakes up, it's still snowy outside and new snow is falling.
    • After breakfast, Peter goes out for more fun in the snow, this time with his friend from across the hall.