Study Guide

Mr. Cooger in Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Ray Bradbury

Mr. Cooger

Mr. Cooger is Mr. Dark's partner in running the carnival. Aside from his red hair, we don't know too much about Mr. Cooger because he spends most of the book as either Robert, the young nephew of Mrs. Foley, or as the decrepit old Mr. Electrico. As a character who transitions between the extremes of boyhood and old age, Mr. Cooger embodies the nightmare of the carnival and the horrifying power of the carousel. This character is also a reminder of one of the big ideas in this book – that dreams can be twisted into nightmares. Charles wishes to grow younger and Jim wishes to grow older; but similar desires can be mutated and mutilated when put to evil use, as they are by Mr. Cooger.