Study Guide

Speak Chapter 15

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 15


  • It's Columbus Day, so there's no school. Melinda wants to stay in bed, but Heather begs her to come over.
  • Heather's mom suggests that Heather have a sleepover, and that Melinda ask some of her friends to come. Melinda smiles, even though she knows her old friends would probably do her some violence if they met her at such an event.
  • Heather's room has been redecorated. It doesn't look like a kid's room. Everything is too perfect and organized. It seems just like Heather.
  • Melinda doesn't want a room like Heather's, but she does want a room that's more like herself.
  • Heather paints her nails and talks. Getting a part in the school musical is her latest goal.
  • Melinda nods and says as little as possible. She says it's really hard to get a part in the musical. You have to have talent and know the right people in the right places.
  • Acting is a breeze for Melinda, so she would do great in the musical. Like now, she's pretending to be a normal high school girl. She also sees a career for herself as a mime.
  • Heather says she doesn't understand why they shouldn't be in the musical if they want to be – they could be extras or something if they don't have talent.
  • Heather doesn't understand why the kids here are so harsh and cold. Nobody pays any attention to her at all, and Melinda is a bummer and a negative person. Melinda, she knows, is just pretending not to be bothered by all the rumors about her.
  • With that, Heather begins crying and spills nail polish on the floor.
  • Next, she apologizes to Melinda.
  • Melinda tries to clean the spilt polish with nail polish remover.
  • This really messes up the carpet, and Heather starts bawling again.
  • Melinda can't take any more, so she leaves.